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Thank you!

This was a post on the old launch that I thought deserved a spot on the new web.

Thank you!

November 17, 2015


Nikki DeVoe

First off I want to Thank each and everyone of my Friends, Family and Fans for the support you have shown me.

Over the last several months many of you knew that I was gearing up for something big. I knew that I wanted to share with the world my vision and life. Since My father passed away early 2011 I have been on a journey like none other. It feels like I have been on the fast track since that horrific time in mine and my families life.

I soon realized what really matter in life and that wasnt what people thought of me for one. I was so hung up on what people would say or think about me. Once I put that aside and realized life was too short things started to fall into place. I stopped worrying and stressing over the littlest of things and started embracing my sexy, fun, and carefree attitude.

This little yet signicificant event in my life is where my SELF-LOVE started. Hard to believe that something so wonderful could come from that. Yet it did, and now here we are almost 5 years have gone by I am finally expressing in hard copy my dreams.

I want to show the world my struggles, joys and much more. So as this opening statement and launch of KB wear and fitness, please continue to watch and grow along side me.

So please stay tuned for recipes, struggles, progress, new attire, adventures, family and much more as I embark on my next journey!

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