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Wife, Figure Competitor and nutritional guru during the day.

Dog mom for BEAST Bently!

Stephanie Mitch
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As a mother of a very active 6 year old, I know the importance of instilling self LOVE in our household. Not only do we expect kindness to one another but we respect our own minds and bodies. I am a huge advocate of SELF-LOVE and without this first and foremost you cannot love one another. So we do this by postive reinforcement and activeness. 


I am a very active fitness professional who enjoys lifting weights as well as the non-traditional forms of fitness such as pole fitness. Yes, that is the elephant in the room. I own a pole and its setup in our home gym (basement) and we all utilize it. Even my daughter uses it, and lets face it she spins and inverts harder than me. 


So this line is to help encourage fitness moms to be proud and show your daughters its OK to be WHO you ARE. NOT someone else! 


SELF-LOVE is where it ALL STARTS! 

Rose Delarme

Wife and fitness competitor who gets business done in the REAL world.


Nikki DeVoe

Owner, Bikini competitor and pole enthusiast but during the off days, mom to 'lil P.

Jessica Cassidy

Wife,Mother and soon to be mother of 2! Original KB wear sponsored athlete.

Vice President of KB Wear and inspiration behind it ALL!

Quality test P approved.

P aka: Payton

Newest Addition to the KB Athletes, Cutie Yo! Inspiring to all and rocking every bit of her life! Proud to have you on board!

Yotisha Elizabeth
Alex Mitch

Husband, Coach, Competitor and friend. Alex represents and inspired our Men's Athletic apparel line GRIND Harder. Welcome to the team! 

New Addition to the family! Beautiful competitor to rock the stage. Go check her out on the Arnold stage in a few weeks!

Nadirah Baldwin


Kristen P

Jordan K.

Breanna K.

Katie M.

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